Freitas (de), Marcilio. Fundamental references from the Western culture. International Review of Sociology Vol. 18, No. 2, July 2008, p. 211-224

3 juillet 2008 0 Par Marcilio De Freitas

Marcılio de Freitas: Centro de Estudos Superiores do Tro´pico U´ mido da Universidade do Estado do Amazonas, Amazonas, Brasil

This article presents theoretical elements concerning the ‘nature versus culture’ confrontation as a particular aspect of the worldwide expansion of Western civilization.
Several speculations are made concerning the philosophical foundations which have provided the base for the current political and economic mega-scenarios in the contemporary world. We turn our attention to the articulations of the concept of nature with the processes of mondialization of Western culture and with the history of universal culture. Finally, several considerations are made on the dynamics of economic processes on a world scale and projections on the impact of science and technology in the social and political frames that is taking place in the contemporary world.

Keywords: natureculture; universal history; planetary occidentalization process;
multilateral institutions; economic processes

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